Yogeshwar Navagrah ‘Yogi’ is the Principal and the creative force behind ‘NAVAGRAH LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE + URBAN DESIGN’. Yogi combines his interdisciplinary education, his years of experience and his passion for design to create innovative and quality public realm. Since his move to Calgary in 2004, Yogi has been instrumental in creating several high profile and engaging public realm projects in and around Calgary e.g. Town of Banff Downtown Streetscape Enhancement, Okotoks Olde Towne Plaza in Town of Okotoks, Rutland Transit Exchange in Kelowna, Anniversary Park Shoreline Expansion in Town of Chestermere, Spray Parks at Canmore and Rotary Park in Calgary and many more. Yogi established ‘NAVAGRAH LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE + URBAN DESIGN’ in 2013 to further his philosophy of ‘DESIGN AS A COMMUNITY BUILDING TOOL’. Through NAVAGRAH LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE + URBAN DESIGN, Yogi and his team is involved in creating inspiring and engaging outdoor spaces; spaces that offer a great platform to celebrate life, ultimately strengthening the cultural and physical fabric of our cities and shaping a better world, one project at a time.