Fort MacLeod


33 Acres



Environmentally and contextually responsible trail system built to guide visitors through this culturally and archaeologically significant site of First Nations history.

NAVAGRAH provided its expertise for the lower trails rehabilitation at the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site. The trail system at the site used to face annual erosion problems due to storm water run-off in Spring. The proposed design solution revolved around carving a context sensitive solution for this archeologically sensitive site. The design responded to the existing material and vegetation palette of the site

Navagrah analyzed the cause the problem and provided a context sensitive design solution that carefully managedato create a landscape that had minimal impact to the given site context while addressing the erosion problems. The design solution introduced a boardwalk at a heavy erosion location, wood steps along steep slopes to channel water movement and a floating platform at a location on site where water levels would fluctuate as per seasonal slow. the storm water movement. Navagrah also successfully completed the project in the given tight timeline and limited budget.